Four Reasons to Choose 
Covenant Community Preschool 

1. Play-Based Program: Guided by highly trained teachers, our curriculum offers playful, age-appropriate learning opportunities for children.

2. Health & Safety: From every detail of our classroom and playground design to our high standards of cleanliness, we do everything to make children safe and secure.

3. Our program incorporates science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics into exciting, fun experiences for children.

4. Christ Centered: Christain education is integrated throughout the day. The CCP program embodies prayer, Bible stories and character building. 

 Covenant Community Preschool (CCP) provides a half day, Christian, high-quality early childhood education operating September through May. Serving the Gaston County area since 2011

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A Great Place for Your Child! 

Walking through our doors, you’ll know you have entered a special place for children. Covenant Community Preschool’s well equipped, age appropriate classrooms bubble with excitement and fun. Carefully chosen and thoughtfully arranged open-ended toys, books, and puzzles fill the classrooms. You’ll find children busy digging in sand tables, dressing up in costumes and role-playing, enjoying a story with a teacher, building with blocks, creating colorful pieces of art, and singing and dancing.

Covenant Community Preschool is a Christ-centered program where each child receives individualized teaching, love and a fun introduction to learning in a school setting. We strive to bring your children near God by incorporating the Christian values in our curriculum. Our students learn through Bible stories, songs, and memory verses.

Children learn from what they see and hear. Young minds are fresh, spacious, and innocent. Covenant believes that we can help you rear intelligent, responsible citizens by integrating moral, responsible teachings into our program. 

Our teachers encourage peer interaction and emphasize social and emotional development that is vital for positive educational experiences, as well as for long-term success in life!

Education is a partnership between the parent and teacher, which requires thoughtful planning, communication and prayer to provide the best for each child. I encourage you to call us to schedule a school tour to learn more about our program.

Peace and Grace,

Lynda C. Williams, director

Please contact Lynda Williams at or 704-616-9253 to arrange a time to visit. Join us for a time of fun and discovery to see if you'll love the idea of your child attending a school that focuses on the natural God given abilities of childhood.

Scholarship assistance is available to qualifying families. 

1 John 3:18

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.