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Interested in BLESSING OUR COMMUNITY? Consider giving to our annual campaign which coincides with the Community Foundation Run.

The Community Foundation Run will be held April 16, 2016 in downtown Gastonia, NC. On this day our community will come together to celebrate and financially support all participating nonprofits in Gaston County. The giving season for the 2015 event will begin February 1, 2016 and go through April 24, 2016.

DOLLARS given to the Match Fund will be applied to the matching grant, which benefits ALL participating nonprofits. Dollars earmarked for certain nonprofts will go to the specific organization(s) named. For qualifying agencies, up to $10,000 of total dollars raised will be matched by a percentage based on a ratio of the total amount of dollars collected in the match pot compared to the amount of eligible donor contributions. Your gift will help us provide life-changing, quality programs for our students, many of whom live below the poverty level. It takes just one gift to change a child's life for years to come! For more information click here! Donors can learn more or give online by visitng the Community Foundation Website.

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