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We love telling new families what we do at CCP. We believe in our program and we see great personal progress and growth in our students. We are so pleased to gain the feedback from the kindergarten programs that our students attend after leaving CCP. Kindergarten teachers tell us that our students are well prepared - emotionally, socially, and academically.

We also realize that the best endorsement for our program is what other PARENTS say!  

"There are preschools and then there is CCP. From the moment you walk through the doors, there is just something in the air that is absolutely magical. The teachers are bright, energetic, and loving, the director is the most friendly and professional I have ever seen, the facility is pristine and cheerful. Everyone is smiling, always. Even the adorable, shaded playground is perfect. I cannot say enough great things about this school. It is preschool at its finest!"

“Super friendly and caring staff. I love the small class size, the religious focus, the variety of studies, and the opportunity to be involved.

“There is a strong sense of family and community here. The preschool provides an excellent faith-based experience and the children have so much fun every day!”

“Our teacher makes our child feel loved, listened to, and special. She is so good at going beyond academics and teaching our child faith, good manners, respect, and honesty.”

“I love the variety in the classroom. I love that it is child-centered...”

“We love how much our son loves preschool.”

“The teachers and staff are amazing! My child not only learns her letters, science, math, etc. but the most important: her values and faith, which I am most grateful for!

“We love the spiritual part. He comes home with the most insightful things about God.”

“It feels like family!”

"This school has been an answer to prayer for our family. I didn't know where I was going to take my daughter to preschool, and suddenly by "happenstance", I learned about a new school at a church only a stone's throw from our house. This school is wonderful: experienced, talented, passionate, considerate staff, church support, scholarships, beautiful and new facility, fantastic play area outside, safety fence, music, pe, nutrition, French and Spanish exposure, chapel services, prayer, and most importantly, these wonderful people teach my child about the love of God and who He is."

"Our 1st year at CCP has been wonderful! My son has not only had the most amazing teachers but has enjoyed the many extras as well!"

"I have such peace of mind and trust in your staff and ability to give my child the best start in her educational journey.”

“Your program has surpassed all my expectations!”

"Our daughter’s first year in school is being shared with the wonderful, professional staff at Covenant Community Preschool and we will always remember you. We cannot thank you enough."

“We are very pleased with Covenant. My children are so happy to come to school. They are sad on the weekends that they cannot go to school! Thank you and God bless you!”

“Thank you for an awesome experience. I do not worry when I take my child to CCP in the morning, your passion for children and learning shows in everything you do.”

“CCP is an excellent program for us. You have provided a wonderful wholesome environment for my whole family to enjoy! “

“You are a blessing! You will never know all the ways you have encouraged my children and me. Your warm welcome each morning means so much!”

My son speaks of coming to Jesus’ school! Thank you for sharing Christ with my baby boy! He has grown so much you have taught him many wonderful lessons!”

“As a single mom you have been like family to me. You have loved me and cared for my child. He is ready to begin kindergarten after being in you wonderful pre K program. He has learned so much! Thank you.”

“We have loved the CCP program over the past two years. It is such a warm atmosphere! Our child knows so much now. We are pleased to recommend it to our friends.”

“We are happy with CCP. Our son loves going to school. Thank you for a great experience.”

“I tell everyone to enroll at CCP! I my opinion it is the best preschool ever! My child has learned about so many things, academics, how to get along and about Jesus. I love to hear all about his day after school.”

“I am so glad a friend recommended CCP to me! I have loved this school for so many reasons! Thank you!”

"I am so happy that God lead me to your school. I am so grateful. Thank you for having great expectations in introducing my child to the big kid world but also having the grace to understand he is also still so young, still very much a baby. Thank you for teaching him songs, dances and how to play with other kids. Thank you for making his heart jump with joy when it’s time for snack and teaching him to wait to eat it until God has been thanked. Thank you for the daily art and craft gifts personally made by him. Thank you for texting a picture of my son happily playing when you knew that my heart was breaking into pieces. And how for the first weeks of school you held and consoled him, wiping away his tears while he adjusted to his new environment away from his mom. Thank you for giving him back to me with a smile on his sweet face when the school day is over, just the right amount of being tired and his beautiful eyes sparkle from all the new discoveries of the day."

"Thank you for your kindness and patience as you have introduced my son to the concept of school. The time he spends at your school is possibly the most influential educational year where he will either learn to love school or be disheartened by it. Your energy, creativity and passion demonstrate that you ladies understand this and are fully committed to help instill a love of learning in all your students."

"God Bless you."

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