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Questions about shopping

Can I return items?

No, all sales are as-is. No returns or exchanges are allowed, so please look over your items carefully before purchasing.

How can I shop early?

Consignors not only receive 70% of their sale proceeds but can also shop one hour before the public sale begins. Volunteers earn shop-early benefits

based on their number of volunteer hours.

  • Consignors:

Shop one hour early (Friday at 4 pm) and receive 70% of sale proceeds

Volunteer at the sale and shop early!

Volunteer benefits:

- 10+ hours: Shop Friday at 10:00 am and receive 80% of sale proceeds!

- 9 hours: Shop Friday at 10:30 am

- 8 hours: Shop Friday at 11:00 am

- 7 hours: Shop Friday at 11:30 am

- 6 hours: Shop Friday at 12:00 pm

- 5 hours: Shop Friday at 12:30 pm

- 4 hours: Shop Friday at 1:00 pm

- 3 hours: Shop Friday at 1:30 pm

***Sale closed 2:00-4:00 pm***

- 2 hours: Shop Friday at 4:00 pm

- 1 hour: Shop Friday at 4:30 pm

Note: Consignors who also volunteer may combine their time. For example, a consignor who volunteers 5 hours may shop at noon (instead of at 1 pm with the 5-hour volunteers). And a consignor who volunteers 4 hours may shop at 12:30 pm.

Do shoppers have to pay an admission or parking fee?

No, entrance to the sale is free! We offer free parking as well.

What payment forms do you accept?

Debit and credit card transactions only there is a 5% service charge on sales.

May I bring a friend to shop early with me?

No, shop-early benefits are only for the person who is consigning or volunteering and cannot be transferred or extended to a friend. This policy is enforced to respect all of our consignors and volunteers who spend significant time and effort to earn their shop-early benefits.

What are some tips for new shoppers?

Seasoned shoppers report that the following tips help them find their treasures!

  • Arrive early! The line usually starts forming an hour before the sale opens, so arrive early for the best deals. Plus, the first 5 adult shoppers in line will receive a $5 shopping voucher.

  • Bring a laundry basket (or something similar) to hold the items you’re purchasing.

  • Come back Saturday morning for the half-price sale! Certain items (as designated by the consignors) are marked to half price on Saturday morning.

  • Be prepared to spend time searching through a lot of items—we usually have thousands! But, the discounts you will find make your efforts well worth your time.

Do you allow strollers during the sale?

No, strollers are not allowed at our sale. This policy is in place because space is tight, and we want to ensure all shoppers have enough room to find the items they’d like to purchase. Please, no wagons or carts.

How does the Saturday morning half-price sale work?

Consignors have the option to mark their items 50% off for the Saturday morning sale. If the tag includes the word “reduce,” it will be sold at half price on Saturday morning (if it doesn’t sell on Friday night!).

Are children allowed at the sale?

Yes, children are allowed at the sale but must be supervised at all times out of respect for our consignors and other shoppers. Children are not allowed to play with or ride the toys, and the parents of any unattended children will be asked to leave.

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