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Other information about our sale

Do you have dressing rooms or restrooms?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer dressing rooms or a public restroom.

Who does the sale benefit?

Our semiannual consignment sales are one of our largest fundraisers. Consignors receive 70% of their sale proceeds and CCP receives the remaining 30% to fund scholarships for families in need. The 30% profit retained by the school is a tax deductible contribution to Covenant Community School, INC.

What can I do to help the preschool mission?

  • Refer a family to our school!

  • Consider supporting the preschool with a tax-deductible donation. Because we desire to serve all families of Gaston County, approximately half of our students receive scholarship funding.

  • Participate in the Community Foundation’s annual “Run” road race each spring. We need runners and donations, as the Community Foundation matches a percentage of the first $10,000 raised by our school. Donations are tax-deductible.

  • Pray for our school— our staff, students, and families!

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